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Technology Products

We offer new Technology products for Cyclists of all levels
It's not just about the Bike...

Technology is playing an ever expanding part of Cycling for Performance Training or Recreational Cycling.  
  • Cycling Computers provide instant data reporting on Heart Rate, Power, Speed, Cadence, Elevation, and Navigation.  
  • Satellite Communication Technology is now available and affordable to track your location, send text or email update messages, and contact emergency rescue services.  
  • Many cyclists are now recording their ride or race adventures with handlebar mounted video cameras. 
  • Smart Phones are carried by almost every cyclist.  There are multiple apps that display and record ride data on the phone, why not have your smart phone securely (and weatherproof) mounted on the handlebar to view your data.
  • Alternatively, protect your Smart Phone from rain and water with a Smart Phone Carry Case, and keep your ID, cash and Credit Cards safe too!  It sure beats a zip lock baggie!
ASB Cycling is your source for Technology Products that enhance and improve your cycling experience. 

Garmin Cycling Products

ASB Cycling is an authorized Garmin Fitness Reseller.  We offer Garmin Cycling Products to our Coaching Clients.  

Click here to Click here to learn more about Garmin Cycling Products at the Garmin Website:

Contact Alan for more information and pricing.

iBike Newton Power Meter

The most user-friendly, value-driven, technologically-fowrard cycling power meter available.  Traditional power meters measure the force applied by the cyclist.  The iBike Newton is the only power meter that measures the opposing forces that resist the cyclists forward motion.  No special hubs, cranks, or pedals.  Easily move the Newton iBike from one bike to another.

Click here to learn more about the iBike Newton at the iBike Website:

Contact Alan for pricing to ASB Cycling Coaching Clients.

Additional Cycling Parts and Accessories

ASB Cycling offers bike parts and accessories as an authorized dealer from Hawley USA.  We offer these to Coaching Clients.  

Contact Alan for selection and pricing.



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